Triple Crown 2015

Sorry it took me so long to upload these, I had some other projects to work on and these totally slipped my mind. Anyway the race was awesome as always, and instead of being an all over the city type of race it was basically a loop downtown. Our friends from Philly took the trophies but for me I enjoy seeing the familiar faces from NY, DC, PA and of course MD. Check the photos HERE.

Stop Swap and Save!


Next weekend is the swap meet out in Carroll County. This is a great place to grab a couple tires and tubes to get you though the year or if you’re looking for a new ride this summer. Check the link HERE for directions and info. Currently all vendor spots are filled…

Pat’s Trip (no not shrooms)

Wow, its been a while since I posted but I think I will be adding some stuff here and there and try to post regularly during the spring and so on. Anyway, If you know who Patrick is, then this isn’t news to you. When the weather is horrible outside and you are home sitting in comfort, Pat is probably riding his bike downtown doing what he does best. 1, 2, 3, 10, 20 dollars whatever you can will be greatly appreciated for his trip to Australia. Heres the link!

Ghetto Blaster 2014

The triple crown has come to town once again and for those that did the race may have gone between 40 and 50 miles. The check points were so far apart I could only ride to one and I think I picked the best one. There will be a video coming out of all 3 legs of the race (DC, BALT and RVA) so until I dig up links for pics from the other races, enjoy these pics from the Balt leg HERE.

AlleyKeith 1

Saturday night the first alley cat of the year took off from the tower at Druid Hill Park.  For as windy as it was, it was a good turn out and I rode up there to get some flicks at the start, and at the after party. I toyed around with some of the photos of the start, it was a good day for some sky but the rest I kept simple. Besides the wind, it was a good time and judging by the “1” I assume there will be more. Check the rest HERE.

Some Fresh Bishop Bikes




You can find these photos over at Bishop’s flickr account. I don’t know if all of them are up right now but Ben’s Columbus Road bike is. Heres a full shot of each bike, the rest will pop up soon I’m sure.


Happy New Year!

Where did the year go?  First off BaltimoreVelo closed up shop for reasons I can relate to and understand first hand. Not that I personally feel abandoned, I feel like I’m the one who abandoned, I mean I’ve had complete control the entire time. As for going out and riding every weekend, was hard because I spent almost every weekend shooting a wedding, over half the weekends in a year actually and when you factor in vacations or other plans, that doesn’t leave very many days. We tried to get out a few times and at this point no one knows where the interest lies anymore. I’m not quite sure where my interest lies anymore to be honest but I made a few changes recently that will keep me from shutting down the site just yet, as it not isn’t costing extra money, just money I’d be spending anyway. The past few months, wrapping up the year has been busier than I had planned but I think it was the most successful part of my year so far. While I come up with new ideas, make new friends and keep putting in more work, maybe some of you have something to offer. I mean Bmorefixed has NEVER been involved politically, I mean look at what we’ve done. While I may be in my personal life, I like riding bikes for the freedom, and for the sake of feeling like my glory days of hanging out skating all day. While I work on a way to kick off 2014, enjoy this picture from Hampden Fest I took this summer, I never actually put any of those up so Im posting one now. Have a good new year and ride/drive safe!

Bishop Bikes Rex Pista

Rex's Track Bike

Here’s the rest of the photos for the martini track bike. Check out all the customized campy parts those guys put a ton of work in to! Im late posting this up due to moving servers but I figured I should post the follow up anyway. Check the set HERE.

Bishop Bikes Sneak Peak

This Martini Racing painted track bike loaded with Campy parts is en route to Rex in China as I write this. I was able to get some shots of it for Chris as the paint job done entirely by hand at Fresh Frames took quite some time. When I first saw this bike I starred at it for about 20 minutes, those guys did an impressive job. More pics will be up on Bishop’s Flickr when I’m finished.

Bishop Bikes – Frank’s Road Bike

Frank's Road Bike
Been a while, but I never put this set up. I shot another bike for Chris yesterday which I will put up shortly. Check the set HERE.