While Shane managed to destroy his bike in one fell swoop, I prefer to do so in smaller increments. In doing so I find myself whittling away at both my cache of available parts and my wallet. I’m no stranger to popping tubes whether it’s casing curb hops and getting a pinch, rolling through glass on Charles street, or skidding through tire and tube, I have become very familiar with my patch kit. Lately though I have been blowing out tubes. They have been literally splitting at the seams and then some as you can see in these flics:

blown thorn tube1
(this is a 12 dollar thorn resistant tube)
another blown tube
(this is a normal tube)

as far as I’m concerned these are un-patchable. The thorn tube blow out happened while practicing nose pivots and not quite getting the bike all the way around. The other blow out was after one attempt at the trick followed by a wall endo, as soon as the back wheel hit the ground…BANG! Oh well the trick will come and I still have a good amount of spare tubes that only need a patch or two…

tube and co

Ahh if only tubes were my only issue… Since I got my cutter, my seat posts have had the bends. I just got Thompson so hopefully it can hold up.

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  1. Keith Teket

    i think sam put all those tubes back in his car…