50$ per wheelie…

Shane got stopped downtown Baltimore, apparently it’s illegal to wheelie. His citation says ‘Tricks/Fancy riding.’ Hats off to you Shane…frame that sucker for all to see!


12 Responses to “50$ per wheelie…”

  1. Anonymous

    Nater better be careful.

  2. Nathan Tavel

    fuck.. that really sucks cause i love pulling wheelies infort of cops. if i got that shit i would start raising hell… fuck that dumb shit.


  3. Tommy

    Dudes, It would appear that Shane was over-fined…

    Check out:


    According to the Baltimore City Code, ARTICLE 31. TRANSIT AND TRAFFIC, SUBTITLE 18, states that the maximum fine for a single offense is $10… $50 is absurd and wrong. Fight it.

  4. Anonymous

    Careful, your hat's doing a wheelie.

  5. Sam

    @Tommy, it says $50.00 on the ticket right?

  6. drinky crow

    wait, so how and where exactly did this happen? he was just riding, did one wheelie and the cop stopped him? i'd like to know how careful i need to be in the future while riding around the city. also, city cops definitely have better things to do, and the ticket combined with the apparent overcharge makes it look like this is just more of the city shaking down its residents for revenue…

  7. Keith Teket

    shane said he did about 1.5 crank wheelie and dude just pulled over and jumped out of his car. he showed shane a handbook of like 4 pages and wouldnt give him one. ticket says 50$ and fancy riding on one wheel. it was near downtown so who knows. i doubt superiors were like "crack down on bikes" it was prob that cop was bored and or anal doing some reading….

  8. Anonymous

    Was this cop Hispanic or Italian looking? just curious.

    If so, he has been ticketing messengers for riding on the sidewalk instead of dismounting in the middle of the street.

    Fight the ticket, he will not show.

  9. Keith Teket

    i heard he was akmed or something. started speaking arabic or something on his cell phone…

  10. fashion bikes rule

    hey shane you're wearing your helmet wrong

  11. Lisa & Christina

    Go to court and fight it! Fight for your right to wheelie!

    Which officer wrote it? Let us know please. Penny said she would help you out. Call her at the shop.

    Lisa & Christina
    Light Street Cycles

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