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Happy Birthday Maggie


…even though it just ended like 5 minutes ago.

Jungle Fever


Sam, Jeremiah and Collin had a garden party yesterday at the dirt bowl. It was super dusty but they got enough accomplished to spend a few minutes with the little energy they had left to ride it and feel it out. It’s still far from finished but the vision is still there. Apparently we got there not long after some sex. HERE.

Checking In!

Hey all,

This is Maggie. I’m going to be posting on Bmore Fixed here and there. My favorite color is cyan and I like drinking beer and riding my bike. No tricks here, just riding a lot. I took the summer off from booking free bike movie nights at the Windup Space but keep your eyes peeled for some awesome movie screenings this fall.

I’ll be heading out to Seattle, Portland and San Francisco from August 3rd to the 18th. I’m flying my bike out there so I’ll be riding the whole time. If there are any bike events out there (they don’t have to be fixed gear specific) post the details in the comments section.

Critical Mass

This Friday. They usually have a good turn out. Even though I have to work and can never make them, I still suggest you go. It’s only good for Baltimore’s bike culture. Heres the facebook link.

Lil’ Film Session


Our friend Ryan, who films a lot of local skaters, came out to film with us. We tried to beat the night light but we squeezed in a few hours and a few spots. Should have that footage up eventually, for either a small edit or part of Sam’s edit. I’m kinda hoping Collin keeps jumping of ledges, I think he might be getting the hang of it. Check out the few flicks HERE.

Monument City Scavenger Hunt


Here are some pics from the scavenger hunt, I tried to hang as long as I could before I had to dip off to go to work. I was banking on going in closer to 9 so I could stay for prizes and what not, but I ended up going in before the race ended at 7. Shane and I just rode to check points to hang and take pics. It certainly was one of the hottest days we’ve had all year, and I’m sure it discouraged a lot of people but there was still a decent and brave turn out along with some costumes. I still have no clue who won what and who didn’t even show up to finish, but I’m sure the pictures Matt took will show up soon. Thanks to Nate and Matt and everyone else for throwing it, it was a really cool set up although I wish more people found Waldo! I do think they needed more time for the hunt, maybe 3 hours. Either way, I hope it happens again next year, maybe make it closer to the fall…

One Day Edit: 7/21/10

I recently broke out my lil FLIP cam with the intention of putting out more content. This video is the first in the One Day Edit series, it was shot after work last Wednesday in Druid Park and Clipper Mill. Keep on the look out for more flip content in this series, as well as a short weekly edit in conjuncture with our Baltimore Murder Sessions featuring one line from every rider. Not too mention the “Fancy Camera” content that we will continue to produce like more rider profiles and a big inclusive BmoreFixed HD edit.

Bike Bottle


I don’t wanna talk about where I found this, but when I saw it I couldn’t think twice. I think the fixie and the tall bike sold me…

Northface Matt’s Bishop Looking Sexier Than Ever!

Photo by Matt Leberman

And I thought the Cane Creeks looked awesome! Chris Bishop makes some beautiful bikes here in Baltimore, and Matt really did his up nice. I took pictures of it the day he got it together HERE and that was maybe 2 months ago. It was hard to imagine that bike being anymore awesome, I might have to go get some velodrome shots while hes racing…

Monument City Scavenger Race…

…is this weekend. According to Nate, they have some cool prizes to give away and I know for a fact he picked up Hold Fast straps and shirts today for prizes. It starts at Sonar and ends at Sonar with awesome bands playing. There really hasn’t been many races in Baltimore lately, and this one isn’t just a race, but a scavenger hunt. You should go and tell your friends to go support something awesome and have a blast.