Bmore Fixed Presents: Murder Session Nov. 20th

This Saturday we’re hosting a special Murder Sessions before MICA’s Bike Fest/Life Cycles screening event. Meet up at 1PM at Penn Station in front of that goofy man-woman sculpture. Not fixed exclusive, all bikes are welcome, come out on your BMX or mountain bike or whatever! Meet other riders in the city and bring your friends. We’ll ride to several spots in the city then stop by the Washington Monument around 5PM to meet up with others who want to ride to MICA as a group. The weather should be great!

Sorry for the miscommunication. We’re doing a tricks session and then meeting up for a group ride to MICA. Valet bike parking too!

7 Responses to “Bmore Fixed Presents: Murder Session Nov. 20th”

  1. Anonymous

    fixed gear tricks aren't about anything good…at all.

  2. Mag

    Fixed gear tricks are all about eating puppies and making babies cry.

  3. sam

    i dunno anonymous, I think they're really fun. 😉

  4. RatherBeBiking

    anonymous is butthurt

  5. knotguy

    where are the stops, im runnin late.

  6. Keith Teket

    penn station at 1. email me your number and ill set you up…

  7. Anonymous

    No I'm pretty sure it's one of the worst ideas ever. three steps below roller blades. Butt hurt…that's a good one, did you pick that up off on the coolest responses to say on 4chan?