Danny’s Spill

I don’t normally do sequence shots, and this wasn’t supposed to be a sequence which is why I don’t have the approach. I basically was firing off 2-4 shots of him on the rail, then if he fell I would keep firing. This was one of those instances and when the video shows up you will see how close I was which might explain why I was so shook up. There was things I saw with my own eyes so close that made it much more horrible than these pictures ever could show, but since Danny is doing ok it made it possible to lay out his crash. He says he doesn’t remember the fall, he just remembers waking up in the ambulance which can be pretty scary. On the up side he DID land (this shot was one that he landed)┬áthis trick, he fell trying to make it cleaner. Watching your friend sprain their ankle or even brake a wrist or arm is one thing, and it sucks. Having a really fun and funny day then seeing that person in some unknown condition is a whole different story. When I walked away after the paramedics got there I remember wishing he had just broken a bone. We’re all just glad you’re ok dude!

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