Washington D.C.

First I want to say BIG thanks to Nick Barkley for hosting us around the city yesterday, we all had a lot of fun. Nick runs a skate shop called Palace 5ive and invited us to help with the D.C. Bicycle Film Fest this year, so we took the murder sessions to D.C. to hang and talk about some things. Nick took us to a lot of really awesome spots, well known skate spots and areas we were sure to find something to do. Everything was great until Danny was perfecting his crank arm slide down an 9 stair rail. He landed it but not perfect so he went again and again. That second ‘again’ I set up for a shot just on edge of his landing zone which gave me a front row seat to him landing directly on his forehead and tumbling over. Just before I put my camera down I saw his eyes roll back in to his head as he went out of consciousness. That moment I ran over to him I realized how serious things just got kind of like a bad dream. I ran out to find street signs as I called 911 and Nick joined me. He flagged down the fire truck and after that I took a long walk while Sam, Colin, Christina, Maggie, Lucas, Nick, and Dan stayed with Danny. He was breathing and managed to wiggle a little, but the medics didn’t say much. We sent him off in an ambulance and did the only sensible thing, drink beer in a park. Unsure of his condition, everyone was a little upset so we entertained our selves for a little while before heading to the hospital to find him. Besides his swollen face and the hole in his lip, no stitches and no fractures, Danny was the perfect example of why HELMETS are important. He should be fine in a week or so and the footage and graphic pictures should post eventually. Nick was really good helping us out with everything and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. See you again soon Washington DC…SET HERE. GET WELL DANNY!

4 Responses to “Washington D.C.”

  1. erin

    perhaps if helmets were “cooler” you guys would actually wear them.. idea- team helmets, Nate let’s see some designing..

  2. Steven

    Ever notice people talk about wearing helmets more than people wear helmets AHEM SAM AHEM!!

    Glad everyone is ok! See you guys soon hopefully!

  3. DC guy

    Since y’all might be down here again, note that it’s not a good idea to drink beer in parks here. Even tiny ass neighborhood parks are under national park service jurisdiction, so tickets earned there for things like drinking beer and relieving yourself of used beer in the bushes are federal tickets and are thus expensive, hard to fight, and hit your record a lot harder.

    Get well Danny!

  4. that other DC guy

    Yeah, that’s why we just drink in freedom plaza for the most part…