Applebaum Alley

This alley was magical today. Not only was it not actually named ‘Applebaum’ like Colin and Sam said before we left, but Danny said some magical things I won’t mention. There were other forms of magic floating around as well and I tried hard to document that except for what you can’t tell is that we were well hidden from the wind and there were some strong remains of piss present. We spent most of our time in the alley until we headed to some spots around the harbor that we got kicked out of in the matter of minutes. We thought we escaped the fuzz after we hit this lot where they tore down a warehouse. This place was awesome because it was full of gaps, and we did squeeze a few tricks in while there. What I did NOT take pics of and should have was when Danny and I helped this frat dude get a motorcycle (Harley) out of his truck then teach him how to ride it. It resulted in him there calling his buddy and Danny and myself placing bets on how long it would be before he put it down or crashed it. He did manage to ask me “so how do I put this in gear?” after we had showed him the gears many times. We closed out the day on the lightrail home from south Baltimore. Check the photos HERE.

1 Response to “Applebaum Alley”

  1. Danny

    Keith stepped up his game in that alley big time. Lighting is top notch dude, gorgeous shots.