YO, Sam Got UPS!

I went down to HFHQ to meet up with Sam and whoever else was gonna be there since we were talking about some project you might start to notice in the background of some of my pictures. Sam and Danny (who rode his BMX for the first time since his fall) wanted to go hit the big bunny spot (the bunny was down) while I shot a few flicks. When Sam set up that cone to bunny hop over I thought “this could be a while” and Danny agreed. Little did we know Sam cleared it first try, then that shot came from the second try! Nice hop Sam!!

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    […] Sam from Baltimore fixed is getting big on his Cyclone fixed. Sam is an Affinity rider testing the Cyclone for a little while now and he’s putting these frames to the test! Thats a ton of air for such a big bike too. Keith Teket took a great photograph, check out more at Bmore Fixed. […]