Deez Nuts

Rather than do the six pack ride I wanted to go murder session some and I know Colin wanted to get out and ride night. This worked out since Danny dipped out early to do fashion school homework (haha) and Sam has like 3 elbows right now. All was good until Sam racked his nuts pretty HARD (sorry Erin), and he won’t let us post the video clip (please bug him). Sam is pretty destroyed and he needs to rest up, he texted me hours later to tell me his balls were bleeding a lil’. We got a few shots then called it a night, and since I’ll be out of town this weekend I am willing to shoot monday night as long as the crew doesn’t go to hard on Sunday. Check the few pics HERE.

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  1. Ride Report: Wednesday Night Murder Session – Baltimore Velo - Baltimore cycling, news, photos and events.

    […] B’more Fixed switched things up a little bit this week and held an impromptu Murder Session on Wednesday. Over on this blog post, they recount the events. It sounds like Sam is a little worse for wear. […]

  2. erin

    glad that your recognizing how this will affect me.