BFF DC Fix Trix Jam Photos

Here we are, I finally finished them and it’s only been what 4 days? It feels like it’s been a few weeks but today is the only day I’ve had time to go through almost 600 photos. I really don’t feel like saying much since I been sitting here editing photos for the past million hours, it’s beer o’ clock for me now. I just want to thank all the sweet sponsors we got that gave us shit to give out, you guys made everyone VERY happy, especially the KC boys. I also want to thank everyone for coming to help, and everyone who came and shredded. Mike took first and I think his exact words were “I’ve NEVER ridden as good as I did today.” Dan managed to ride out of a grind he worked on all day and I know he was stoked. All I’m getting as is that people went home with sweet prizes and something to be proud of so that makes every bit of it worth it, just look at Torey’s face when Sam is giving out prizes! Ok I’m going to get out of the house now, CHECK THE PHOTOS HERE!

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