Build Day 1

Yesterday we began construction on our box for the Fixt Trix Jam, and were very fortunate to have access to an amazing wood shop owned by Hold Fast Jeremiah’s father. The box has been split in to 4 sections: two hubbas a wedge and a box. We completed framing the hubbas and the wedge on day one and it’s been going nice and smooth. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Using Reclaimed 2×4’s from Second Chance.

Jeremiah taking a breather with Freya the pup. Check out how big that hubba is, that’s not even 1/4 of the whole box!

Just a small corner of the beautiful shop we were working in.

Building to spec with the google sketchup blue print.

Lining every cross beam up perfectly.

Last screw of the day.

Stay Tuned for more build photos, we’re going to try and finish up the framing this evening. Check out more photos in the facebook album here.

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