Kultur Lab Splined Sprocket

I first saw the Kultur Lab Sprocket on Bomb Hills Speed Kills blog, and was intrigued having had issues with sprockets in the past. After checking their Facebook and watching them go through the build process(in San Francisco) I sent them an email. They sent me one to test and I just put it on my bike. I’ve had two sessions with it and here are my initial reactions: The X-men shape grabs the eye and along with the thickness of the 7075 gives it a real beafiness. Having 33 teeth is a good number that works really well with my 13 in the back. The splined insert seems solid as well. I’m going to do my best to run this thing in to the ground and I’ll keep you updated.

1 Response to “Kultur Lab Splined Sprocket”

  1. dan

    that thing looks siiiiiiiick.