Introducing: BALHOGS

So this is it, Colin and I have been hard at work this past Summer and Fall riding, filming, designing, prototyping, producing, and editing for Balhogs, our new fixed gear freestyle accessory company. We’ve Launched with one product, a down tube grip strip. It’s designed for coasting on your fixed gear by taking your feet off the pedals and resting them securely on the grip strip. but stay tuned for a constant flow of new and unique products.

3 Responses to “Introducing: BALHOGS”

  1. nolan

    been staring at colins bike for two days trying to figure out wtf that thing was. pretty fucking genius if you ask me. big fan of bmorefixed. just moved here. if i had a freestyle bike youd hear from me more often. you dudes and dudettes kill.

  2. sam

    Thanks for the kind words. Feel free to come out any time freestyle bike or no.

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