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Christina’s Skatepark Jam Session

Since the guys are out of town, and Christina wasn’t shredding the park when I was there, we figured we could go grab a few shots before I headed out for Mother’s Day events. The park was pretty empty which was awesome and made it all the easier, and since Christina hits up the park in the mornings more than a few days a week she was prepared and nailed all of her tricks just about every time. She is working on some other tricks for video and some shots we can get in a couple weeks. Check the photos HERE.

Skatepark Jam Session

This weekend the guys will be in Toronto shredding with rad people, and it’ll be another murder session we miss. Today was perfect to meet at the skate park and just get some flicks there. Everyone is riding the new holdfast frames and I thought this would be a good way to show them off, even though Colin’s is still unpainted. I just sort of sat back with a zoom lens and shot random stuff throughout the crowded park. I decided to showcase 95% of it in black and white because well I dunno, I was just feelin’ it. I was just kind of playing around today and had some fun. Check the rest of it HERE.

Hold Fast O.X. Frame Series

Hold Fast just launched their O.X. Frame Series and they turned out amazing! Jeremiah, Christina, Colin, and myself all rode the prototypes and gave our inputs towards the final design, so in the way there is a bit of bmore fixed in this bike. Check out all the details here!

Charlie Schoen’s Baltimore Trip

Charlie Schoen came down to Baltimore from Ohio a couple of weeks ago. We hit spots and hung out. He posted up a roll of film with shots from his trip. This one of Dan and Colin was my favorite. I wish I could have ridden with them more during the day on Saturday, but I took a pretty nasty spill the day before, and just didn’t feel up to it.

Hold Fast 24″

HoldFast 24″ are going to be available shortly. More info coming soon…