Superbowl Sunday, Ravens!!

With the Ravens in the superbowl, Baltimore is getting ready to get wild as the city is normally much quieter on Sundays. We were supposed to get out early this afternoon but with snow still on the ground in some areas, we were a little lazy. Finally, with only a  little bit of daylight left, Sam and I managed to get out and pick up his bike from HoldFast hq. I grabbed 2 flashes and a couple lenses with the setting sun in mind, I figured we could get some dusk shots. The first spot was in an alley with a really tight approach. Sam’s tire bonk was on the wrong side to show the entire thing so we had to add a shot of him setting up. We walked up the back way behind the school and stopped over to get that shot on the stairs, then moving to the back of the school. Sam got some air off  a high loading dock and bunny hopped through a narrow walk way with a nice expression on his face. We then moved to a spot where he has a video clip but no stills, so I lit him up and nailed it first try. I usually crop out my lights but for a few of these shots I decided to keep them in. It can be nice to see where light comes from especially when its so obvious. Just after the trick while I was packing my bag, Sam broke his chain-go figure. Check the set HERE, GO RAVENS!!

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