Nature Kids

What a nice weekend. Even with the little bit of wind, it was still really nice. I managed to get a ton of stuff done and still somehow got out to ride 2 days and it feels great. Riding and commuting are entirely different btw.  I went and met up with those guys who cut the fishing trip short and I was unaware of it until last minute. Colin was on some talk about riding in the woods and since I grew up building trails for bmx, I felt right at home just being in nature. We went down the street to Wyman park and just rode around the trail. Colin did a gnarly drop which will look sweet on video I’m sure, I took several photos of the 3 times he went so I posted most of them so you can all feel it out a little bit. I wanted to show the drop, but I also wanted to show the entire thing so I had to hop across the creek a few times to figure it out. We then met with Tyler who rides BMX and after cruzin’ the trails, we hit JHU. Tyler got some nice vert so there are several shots of that as well. Check the set HERE.

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