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Farewell Baltimore Velo

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I wanted to share this farewell from a good blog. Honestly it was the only Baltimore cycling blog I felt was worth frequently checking because it really widened the audience with information from all the blogs, like he pulled together key posts and made a one stop shop. As you know, BmoreFixed is not a political blog, we hardly follow the law anyway and we enjoy our freedom here in Baltimore that we aren’t getting tickets for not having bells on our bikes-100$ fine NEW YORK! We are merely entertainment and we struggle to do some cool things once in a while and Seth is right, it gets really really hard. I enjoyed his support of BmoreFixed and want to say thanks for being there to share my photos of Sam, Colin, Christina, Jeremiah-etc’s hard work. For people who may not have frequently checked BmoreFixed, they were able to catch a glimpse on Baltimore Velo. There is evidence of when we are posted on other blogs, the views on flickr show it. Pedal Consumption, Prolly, Lockedcog those guys tend to post once in a while but Seth was usually on it. It’s one of those things that makes you feel good at the end of the day like you did something productive that people get to see.

Seth, I understand how hard it is to run a blog by yourself, and here there really isn’t enough content. If you feel the need to blog about bikes, you are more than welcome to contribute here. We tend to get stale from time to time…

Tommy B


Most of you may know Tommy, or you have heard about him. It wasn’t that long ago when he was hit by a car pretty badly and I know there was info going around on the blogs. Tommy has been working with Chris Bishop for years and I’m not sure how long now but has been painting many of his frames. Chris has had several friends build wheels for him but Tommy is his main squeeze. The other night at the Crankmania party, I talked with Tommy for a while about what he’s been up to; he said painting bikes and building wheels. He got a Flickr going maybe a little while back but has been adding photos and it sounds like he wants word out. If you are planning on having those fresh wheels for the spring, with those Phills you got for xmas, or that beat up track bike you want to build up but need a paint job, you know where to go.

New Hold Fast Goodies


Hold Fast pouches in store for not very much! Great way to support local made in USA (or made in Baltimore) products without breaking the bank! One is a lightweight tool bag and the other is a small pouch to put in your bag.

Hold Fast O.X. Frame Series

Hold Fast just launched their O.X. Frame Series and they turned out amazing! Jeremiah, Christina, Colin, and myself all rode the prototypes and gave our inputs towards the final design, so in the way there is a bit of bmore fixed in this bike. Check out all the details here!

Christina in Coven

Christina’s interview in Coven Magazine is available free online now! Check it out.

Birthday Bike Check (by Sam)

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Balhogs Wax

Colin and I have been hard at work researching paraffin, testing formulas, and making a huge mess getting the new Balhogs wax ready for launch. Well it’s now available and it’s good so check it out at the balhogs store here

Introducing: BALHOGS

So this is it, Colin and I have been hard at work this past Summer and Fall riding, filming, designing, prototyping, producing, and editing for Balhogs, our new fixed gear freestyle accessory company. We’ve Launched with one product, a down tube grip strip. It’s designed for coasting on your fixed gear by taking your feet off the pedals and resting them securely on the grip strip. but stay tuned for a constant flow of new and unique products.

BMFXD: Clip Life

Haven’t seen much video from us lately? Well it’s not because we haven’t been filming, in fact we’ve been collecting clips from as far back as the beginning of summer for a big project Colin and I have been working on. We have more clips then we can use for just one edit so once our big project drops, expect our video stream to be maintained even through the dead of winter.

This Just In: COFO on Spike Flow!

Congrats to resident local, Colin “COFO” Foster for his placement on to the Spike Parts flow team. A decision that no one will regret!