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AlleyKeith 1

Saturday night the first alley cat of the year took off from the tower at Druid Hill Park.  For as windy as it was, it was a good turn out and I rode up there to get some flicks at the start, and at the after party. I toyed around with some of the photos of the start, it was a good day for some sky but the rest I kept simple. Besides the wind, it was a good time and judging by the “1” I assume there will be more. Check the rest HERE.

Monument to Monument Ride


Taken right from the Rando Ramble

• The Ride: a 92 mile roundtrip single day bike ride from Baltimore to Washington, DC
• Date/Time: Sunday, May 5th, 2013. Meet Up at 7:45AM. Push Off at 8:10AM (prompt)
• Start: Baltimore Washington Monument
• Cue Sheets/Map/GPS: (coming soon)
• Costs: None. Bring cash for lunch and snacks. We will stop to re-group every 25 miles.
• Assistance/Sag: None, except help from fellow riders.
• Awards/Medals: None, other than bragging rights.
• Previous Ride Reports: RandoRamble  BikesNcoffee

Twisted Metal

A couple weeks ago BGE imploded an old gas reservoir tower near cold spring and 83. You can watch the video HERE or search around for more info. We started our day at the Mosher banks where Colin got like 3 flats, and Sam surprisingly only 1 at this point. The banks got crowded and we decided to move on so Colin could grab a new tube. We took a couple people with us and headed out to the pink rabbit spot where we knew it was both bike and skate friendly, while not having to worry about hassle.  After hanging there for a while we rode up to the ruins of the bge gas tower and spend the rest of the day climbing around it like a jungle gym. I don’t know if the daylight savings hit us or we were just feeling lazy but it was a laid back day full of fun. If you haven’t been up by the gas tower you should go before its all cleaned up, since it looks like something from WW2. Check the photos HERE.

Downhill Danny

Danny has been taking full advantage of our freakishly warm winter weather we’ve all enjoyed so far this year. Mountain biking seems really fun, but do you have to push those bikes to the top of the hill first?

Hey Who’s Bike is This?

Nice build, hopefully it’ll be nice out on Sunday and we can have a sunny Murder Sessions.

Ladies’ Ride!

Looks like there’s a new Ladies Ride in town!
Thursday nights, 9:30PM meet up at the Washington Monument.

Check out the Facebook page for updates.

Six Pack Ride

Escape the heat by drinking beer in various places throughout the city via your bike. Charles St and Read St at 930pm. 10pm at Velocipede. EVERY Wednesday.

Six Pack Ride Tonight

Just like every Wednesday at 9:30 pm, Read st and Charles st in Mt. Vernon. Above photo from Marshall Adams during a 6pack ride a few weeks ago, see you all there!

So Long Baltimore…

While all of us have gone to NYC for the Bicycle Film Fest to shred and have fun, you can still count on fun stuff happening in Baltimore on Friday the 24th. First off you have the Critical Mass, followed by Royal Sprints at Sticky Rice in Fells Point. Someone take some fun photos of all this because even if I was home, I’d be at my stupid job anyway! Oh and don’t worry, the Film Fest will be in DC in August and we will pump the crap out of it…

Six Pack Ride

It’s nice out and the rides are fun so if you haven’t been riding you should come out…