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Triple Crown 2015

Sorry it took me so long to upload these, I had some other projects to work on and these totally slipped my mind. Anyway the race was awesome as always, and instead of being an all over the city type of race it was basically a loop downtown. Our friends from Philly took the trophies but for me I enjoy seeing the familiar faces from NY, DC, PA and of course MD. Check the photos HERE.

Ghetto Blaster 2014

The triple crown has come to town once again and for those that did the race may have gone between 40 and 50 miles. The check points were so far apart I could only ride to one and I think I picked the best one. There will be a video coming out of all 3 legs of the race (DC, BALT and RVA) so until I dig up links for pics from the other races, enjoy these pics from the Balt leg HERE.

AlleyKeith 1

Saturday night the first alley cat of the year took off from the tower at Druid Hill Park.  For as windy as it was, it was a good turn out and I rode up there to get some flicks at the start, and at the after party. I toyed around with some of the photos of the start, it was a good day for some sky but the rest I kept simple. Besides the wind, it was a good time and judging by the “1” I assume there will be more. Check the rest HERE.

Ghetto Blaster Photos

This past Saturday was the first leg of the Triple Crown race which is Baltimore, DC and Richmond. It started in St. Mary’s park and ended at the bell foundry with a pig roast. My plan was to go from the start to the second check point, then move to like the fifth checkpoint then maybe one more then to the finish and get some photos. Well I went to the second and from there I couldn’t get a hold of anyone to tell me where the other check points were! At this point my chainring bolts started coming loose and I figured I should head to the finish  and thats what I did. I can say it was a fun race and probably averaged around 40 miles long. The checkpoints took them to each corner of the city even through some rough areas. Check the photo set HERE.

Ghetto Blaster Alleycat


May 25th, Starts at St. Mary’s park. I’m sure more details will pop up when it gets closer to the date but this will be a good one. Old school style alley cat thrown by bike messengers which is the way they should be!

Bridges Alley Cat


Photo Credit: Brian O’ Doherty

This past weekend was an alleycat race I wish I could have gone to. Sometimes you choose between staying in the city and going to your land deep in West Virginia and firing your ATV up for the first time this year. It was a much needed get away and I can’t wait to go back, but luckily for us that Brian O’Doherty was there to capture some stills. Check out the facebook link for more photos HERE. Let me know if that doesn’t work.


Saturday’s the big day! There is so much going on at BFF DC this year!
Here’s a quick rundown:

The BFF DC schedule for Saturday August 6th.

at Bridge Spot Skatepark
Bridge Spot Skatepark | 2nd & Virginia Ave SE.
1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Saturday, August 6
Registration at 3:00pm
The Bridge Spot
2nd & Virginia Ave. SE
Washington, DC
$5 to race

feat. DJ Sterofaith & Tom Lim
DC9 | 1940 9th Street NW.

I can’t wait to see Lucas Brunelle’s latest video and the Fun Bike Shorts program looks great! See you there, whether at the Bridge Spot or in the theater. Yeah!

Sean’s CourierCX Photos

Sean took a bunch of photos at his race, check them out here.

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DC: Courier Cross May 15th

Our DC Buddy Sean hit us up about this Cross inspired alley cat throughout our nation’s capital. There are good sponsors and Sean keeps posting up new prize shots on his flickr. We’re gonna try and make it out to this to hang at a checkpoint/maybe ride a leg or two, there are also baltimore heads signed up on the facebook page so do your best to make it out there.

May Day Portraits

Jeremiah was taking portraits again at the Hold Fast checkpoint we’ve uploaded them to Facebook so check out the album there