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Downhill Danny

Danny has been wanting to hit Patapsco state park lately, since he goes pretty often for downhill. He also spends some time fishing there. We made it down there finally but since it has been raining so much, those trails hold a lot of water and it makes the ground soggy. The first jump he hit we decided to call that one quits because of traction issues when landing, the landing goes straight in to a tree and if you can’t hook up then you can’t make the turn around it. We plan to go back down there at some point when I don’t have a wedding every weekend and hopefully when it dries out a little bit. Check more HERE

Hampden Sam

I didn’t really know what was happening for today, but I can say thank you Sam for being awesome. Sam hit me up lastnight and said he was going fishing and we could possibly ride early. I went along with it and we met up close to 1030 and spent a little over an hour cruisin’ the alleys in our neighborhood.  Sam must have planed it, he knew each spot he wanted to go to, it was very efficient and straight forward which made it really easy to ride then carry out your busy day.  He took one good fall which I left in the set, the trick is super technical/big/awesome and I hope he nails it on video soon. You can check the set HERE, and don’t worry because it’s short and sweet.

Piss Puddle


I met up with Sam and Colin down under 83 where the farmer’s market is as Colin was tightening his crank, which is a normal sight.  We found a big puddle with a small island on it, Colin insisted they hit it with out touching the water.  This was before we realized it was a giant piss pool! It stunk! We did a lot of exploring today trying not to go to deep in to the hood of East Balt, so we dabbled. Some of the areas were super bland so we ended up staying near the Fells area-venturing up the back roads. After cutting through Patterson Park and finding a spot or 2, we shot up to Highlandtown and discussed going to Greektown to this warehouse spot. The warehouse spot is full of businesses but random ones. I know theres studio space and workshops in some of them, powercoating and carpet cleaning. Nobody there seemed to mind us so we carried on. Sam managed to slip and fall in some mud. After realizing he was covered in it thats when we called it a day.  Check the day HERE.

Nature Kids

What a nice weekend. Even with the little bit of wind, it was still really nice. I managed to get a ton of stuff done and still somehow got out to ride 2 days and it feels great. Riding and commuting are entirely different btw.  I went and met up with those guys who cut the fishing trip short and I was unaware of it until last minute. Colin was on some talk about riding in the woods and since I grew up building trails for bmx, I felt right at home just being in nature. We went down the street to Wyman park and just rode around the trail. Colin did a gnarly drop which will look sweet on video I’m sure, I took several photos of the 3 times he went so I posted most of them so you can all feel it out a little bit. I wanted to show the drop, but I also wanted to show the entire thing so I had to hop across the creek a few times to figure it out. We then met with Tyler who rides BMX and after cruzin’ the trails, we hit JHU. Tyler got some nice vert so there are several shots of that as well. Check the set HERE.

Table Top Danny

Danny and I went for a little cruise today after I worked on my  garden most of the day. He said he wanted to get some shots of this table top that wasn’t far down the street.  After we got there I wish I had packed my heavy zoom lens but I ended up using an 85 instead. We played around there for a bit then and figured that was enough. We ventured off in the area to check another spot but it just wasn’t anything to be done on it so after walking the train tracks for 10 minutes we left and got a beer. I gotta say it was pretty nice. Heres the rest of the table top shots…

Throwback 6

Everyone has been busy lately and it gets hard getting some shots sometimes. With the weather finally breaking a little bit I am trying to get out more and sometimes it just conflicts with other things. This weekend I am pushing to get out with some people but if I can’t get the bikes out I’ll have to put up some skate pictures since I know those guys will be out. Sam “I’d rather be snakehead fishing” Hanson will be away, and I hope he brings me some fish to clean. Danny and Xtina are my only hopes, anyone else wanna join? Maybe I can do some portraits. Until then, enjoy this throwback from November 2009. Sam bar hop…

Twisted Metal

A couple weeks ago BGE imploded an old gas reservoir tower near cold spring and 83. You can watch the video HERE or search around for more info. We started our day at the Mosher banks where Colin got like 3 flats, and Sam surprisingly only 1 at this point. The banks got crowded and we decided to move on so Colin could grab a new tube. We took a couple people with us and headed out to the pink rabbit spot where we knew it was both bike and skate friendly, while not having to worry about hassle.  After hanging there for a while we rode up to the ruins of the bge gas tower and spend the rest of the day climbing around it like a jungle gym. I don’t know if the daylight savings hit us or we were just feeling lazy but it was a laid back day full of fun. If you haven’t been up by the gas tower you should go before its all cleaned up, since it looks like something from WW2. Check the photos HERE.

Throwback 5

Here’s a throwback from December 2009, the glory days of not knowing what we were doing except hanging out and having a good time. I apologize for the lack of updates lately but the guys were out of town one weekend and I had to shoot a wedding last weekend. We have plans to make it out this weekend and get some good flicks as well as work on some other things…

Xtina Shreds Ledges

christina – fixed gear- grindz from christina on Vimeo.

Christina’s been working on this lately in between working so much. She typically rides in the morning before work and occasionally gets out to the other skate parks with some other BMXers from time to time. Hopefully while the boys are away being robots, we can get out and get some footage and stills.

Superbowl Sunday, Ravens!!

With the Ravens in the superbowl, Baltimore is getting ready to get wild as the city is normally much quieter on Sundays. We were supposed to get out early this afternoon but with snow still on the ground in some areas, we were a little lazy. Finally, with only a  little bit of daylight left, Sam and I managed to get out and pick up his bike from HoldFast hq. I grabbed 2 flashes and a couple lenses with the setting sun in mind, I figured we could get some dusk shots. The first spot was in an alley with a really tight approach. Sam’s tire bonk was on the wrong side to show the entire thing so we had to add a shot of him setting up. We walked up the back way behind the school and stopped over to get that shot on the stairs, then moving to the back of the school. Sam got some air off  a high loading dock and bunny hopped through a narrow walk way with a nice expression on his face. We then moved to a spot where he has a video clip but no stills, so I lit him up and nailed it first try. I usually crop out my lights but for a few of these shots I decided to keep them in. It can be nice to see where light comes from especially when its so obvious. Just after the trick while I was packing my bag, Sam broke his chain-go figure. Check the set HERE, GO RAVENS!!