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Pat’s Trip (no not shrooms)

Wow, its been a while since I posted but I think I will be adding some stuff here and there and try to post regularly during the spring and so on. Anyway, If you know who Patrick is, then this isn’t news to you. When the weather is horrible outside and you are home sitting in comfort, Pat is probably riding his bike downtown doing what he does best. 1, 2, 3, 10, 20 dollars whatever you can will be greatly appreciated for his trip to Australia. Heres the link!

Hold Fast 24″

HoldFast 24″ are going to be available shortly. More info coming soon…

Throwback 4

I remember these days, mid February 2010. I’m not 100% but I think this might have been during the first few times I met Jeremiah, the first time may have been the week before. Here we are, 2 years later after so much in common, especially guns.

Hold Fast Day Pack

The Hold Fast Day Pack is now available straight from Hold Fast. I have one of these bags and I really really like it. The bag is light, comfy and designed to hold almost anything you might need on any kind of trip. The quality is great and they are USA MADE, and the best part is yet to come. They are currently working on additions that you can customize your bag any way you’d like with assorted add ons, I saw a cell phone holder in the works today while I was at the shop. Support local, pick up a bag!

Coven Mag

I have been following Juliet’s facebook posts about her new magazine that should be available shortly. This is an active womens magazine and I’m happy to mention Christina’s involvement. Juliet rides for Charge Bikes and is stoked for April 12th when the magazine launches, I know I can’t wait to see it.


I didn’t see many bikes there today, and I doubt everyone was racing in D.C. Shane, Tony and myself all rode down there in the heat, got sun burns on our necks and had a good time, where was everyone else?

Look At This Poster: BFFDC Trick Jam!

While the rest of the gang is headed to Milwaukee for Midwest Mayhem II, I figured that I would throw up the first poster for Bmore Fixed’s first trick jam. It’s a crazy poster and I’m not a graphic designer. So there. We’ll be updating the site very soon with an expanded list of sponsors and more details as they come.

Bicycle Film Festival DC is going to be the weekend of August 4th through 7th. It’s going to be a very hot, very fun time.

Hungry Hungry Hipsters Alleycat

Here’s one of the facebook event pages and here is the Baltimore one. It should be a good time, 3 days 3 races, beer and fun. Since the murder crew will be at Midwest Mayhem I will still be around to try and enjoy the DC race on sunday. Someone get me a job where I don’t work Saturdays and I will see you at the Baltimore race…


So theres this new hardcore sport happening within the FGFS scene called “Plankin‘.” It wasn’t long after getting to our first spot which we took a ghetto detour to that Sam and Colin were getting some Planking shots. This spot was good for Planking but kinda weird for riding. This wooden park had all kinds of weird things that were sort of rideable, I didn’t get any decent shots there besides the one of Colin eating the peanut butter out of the ground. The soft floor around the playground was tearing apart, waking on it felt like walking in mud and Colin tore some up to taste the insides YUMMM. The rain was coming our way so we headed to an area we would be able to take shelter which ended up being the old trains on Falls. Here Sam fell flat on his face doing a trick he nailed first try, met his buddy Popeye who walked over just to ask Sam to feel his bicep, and he ran over my light stand (I caught it before the strobe hit the ground) which is cool since I carry junk stands with me so I can trash or ditch if I need to cover my bag for rain. I came home thinking I had no shots, Christina came out but her eyes are close to being swollen shut from some sort of allergic reaction, Sam is battered, Colin is tired, Dan has a bent fork and the rain was coming. I guess it was a little better than we thought. Colin was basically nailing flat ground 360ºs which I hope he locks down soon. Check the day HERE.

Deez Nuts

Rather than do the six pack ride I wanted to go murder session some and I know Colin wanted to get out and ride night. This worked out since Danny dipped out early to do fashion school homework (haha) and Sam has like 3 elbows right now. All was good until Sam racked his nuts pretty HARD (sorry Erin), and he won’t let us post the video clip (please bug him). Sam is pretty destroyed and he needs to rest up, he texted me hours later to tell me his balls were bleeding a lil’. We got a few shots then called it a night, and since I’ll be out of town this weekend I am willing to shoot monday night as long as the crew doesn’t go to hard on Sunday. Check the few pics HERE.