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Xtina Shreds Ledges

christina – fixed gear- grindz from christina on Vimeo.

Christina’s been working on this lately in between working so much. She typically rides in the morning before work and occasionally gets out to the other skate parks with some other BMXers from time to time. Hopefully while the boys are away being robots, we can get out and get some footage and stills.

Where Sam Been At?


BMFXD Druids Path

free flow from fall to winter, fall for free, flow to win.

Downhill Danny

Danny has been taking full advantage of our freakishly warm winter weather we’ve all enjoyed so far this year. Mountain biking seems really fun, but do you have to push those bikes to the top of the hill first?

Bacon Construction Gap

Dan Bacon has been improving rapidly and it’s really exciting. Pretty soon he’s going to start stacking clips for an edit, but in the mean time here is a quick clip of him hitting a gap on the torn up part of Maryland ave.

Cofo: The Streets are Watching

So stoked for Colin on this one. He’s been riding with us for over a year now and his style and skills have developed so fast. This edit really shows his unique manner of interpreting spots and his deep trick library. Big ups dude!

Good Try 1

First of our low profile overflow videos. Footage from this weekend.

It was my(Colin) first time riding a bowl, and this is Dan’s first clip. So thats cool. We will try to keep these coming; were working on a few larger projects, so the overflow has to go somewhere.

not scrap.

On another note, I think we are the last to go to the north laurel park, but if you haven’t gone, its pretty good.

Ben Hittle’s Props Bio

Ben got put on kink’s pro team cuz he’s one of the smoothest riders out there, his Props Bio is proof of that.

Oscar’s Welcome to Wrahw

Torey put together an extremely entertaining edit of his footage from Oscar’s recent U.S. visit. There are a lot of Baltimore spots in this one including, Tyra Banks, the downtown BoA fountain, and fat rails. The last two clips aren’t to be missed either!

Antimo’s Sorry, Baltimore Fixt Trix Jam Edit

Antimo’s web videos precede him, and after meeting him for the first time this past weekend it was obvious that he is just as nice as his video production. He does a great job of capturing the tournament, and following session, as well as some of the music video being shot in the middle of the skate park. Nice job Antimo!