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BBG KC MO 36 Styles of Danger

All the way from Kansas City Missouri, that’s almost a 24 hour drive that the BBG crew took to come to Baltimore for the weekend. They we’re real nice dudes and great house guests. Oh yeah and they tore it up on their bikes. I really like how even at different skill levels, they all got some sick clips. They also did a great job of capturing the good vibes of the jam. Really excited about this edit, nice job guys!

Kink France Edit

Kink street trip in France from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

Ben crushing it in France with the rest of KINK ┬áin case you haven’t seen this…

get me GUCCHI on the phone

Colin just picked up a new camera. It’s some panasonic SD jam with a baby death. It’s real slick. To celebrate, we went to the sk8 park after work. Hampden alllll day.

Sam Hanson: To Affinity and Beyond

I’m really excited to post up my first solo edit. Big thanks to Jason from Affinity for keeping me on a frame, and Jeremiah and Rob from Hold Fast for keeping me on a bike. I also want to thank Colin for putting in so much of his time and effort filming and editing. Lastly, big ups to the rest of BMFXD thanks for riding with me, and pushing me, and being so supportive.

April Daze: an edit.

Colin threw this edit together between sculpting and picking his girlfriend up from places. Filmed in one day featuring Jeremiah Jones, Colin Foster, Cameron Wray, and Sammi “2 shoes” Hanson.

Ben Hittle’s Early 2011 Edit

Here’s a peek into what Ben has been doing in southern California. As a pegless rider myself his riding has been very influential and no one has turn downs and inverts clicked like he does.

Goes 2 Filly

Colin put this together with clips from our Philly trip and beyond.

Mobile-Vision: 003 Danny’s Wall Ride

Danny did this trick to show off for a photographer with a terrible business card or a girl smoking a cigarette or something.

Matt Gilman: Vision is More than Sight

Check out Baltimore’s Matt Gilman in his latest video: Vision is More Than Sight. It’s really enjoyable to watch his progression throughout the videos he’s released. I can’t get over how diverse and awesome the Baltimore bike trick scene is. I’d love to ride and film with everyone for a comprehensive Baltimore edit.

2010 BFF in DC

This recently popped up on Prolly and it has a really great vibe. I figured it would also be a good way to announce that 2011 Bicycle Film Festival in DC is going to be an amazing event. We’re working with Nick from Palace 5ive to put on some awesome events from freestyle to races. We’ll keep you posted, but rest assured we will make it worth the trip to DC.