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Bishop Road Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak at a Bishop Road bike. Apparently this will be the clients second Bishop and he already put an order in for a third. More flicks coming later…

Downhill Danny

Danny has been wanting to hit Patapsco state park lately, since he goes pretty often for downhill. He also spends some time fishing there. We made it down there finally but since it has been raining so much, those trails hold a lot of water and it makes the ground soggy. The first jump he hit we decided to call that one quits because of traction issues when landing, the landing goes straight in to a tree and if you can’t hook up then you can’t make the turn around it. We plan to go back down there at some point when I don’t have a wedding every weekend and hopefully when it dries out a little bit. Check more HERE

Bishop Bikes- Tommy’s Road Bike

Tommy's Road Bike
Here’s the other bike I said would pop up soon. Tommy’s pride and joy that he himself painted. You may have to see it in person to really appreciate it but I did my best to capture the paint. Check out the photos on Bishop’s Flickr HERE. Check out Tommy for all your bike painting needs…

Bishop Columbus MS Road

Ben's MS road bike
I shot some flicks for a fresh from paint Bishop bike last week and man this thing is awesome. The client wanted a road version of the MS track we have seen so many times. Check out the details on Bishops Flickr..

Ghetto Blaster Photos

This past Saturday was the first leg of the Triple Crown race which is Baltimore, DC and Richmond. It started in St. Mary’s park and ended at the bell foundry with a pig roast. My plan was to go from the start to the second check point, then move to like the fifth checkpoint then maybe one more then to the finish and get some photos. Well I went to the second and from there I couldn’t get a hold of anyone to tell me where the other check points were! At this point my chainring bolts started coming loose and I figured I should head to the finish  and thats what I did. I can say it was a fun race and probably averaged around 40 miles long. The checkpoints took them to each corner of the city even through some rough areas. Check the photo set HERE.

Monument to Monument Ride


Taken right from the Rando Ramble

• The Ride: a 92 mile roundtrip single day bike ride from Baltimore to Washington, DC
• Date/Time: Sunday, May 5th, 2013. Meet Up at 7:45AM. Push Off at 8:10AM (prompt)
• Start: Baltimore Washington Monument
• Cue Sheets/Map/GPS: (coming soon)
• Costs: None. Bring cash for lunch and snacks. We will stop to re-group every 25 miles.
• Assistance/Sag: None, except help from fellow riders.
• Awards/Medals: None, other than bragging rights.
• Previous Ride Reports: RandoRamble  BikesNcoffee

Hampden Sam

I didn’t really know what was happening for today, but I can say thank you Sam for being awesome. Sam hit me up lastnight and said he was going fishing and we could possibly ride early. I went along with it and we met up close to 1030 and spent a little over an hour cruisin’ the alleys in our neighborhood.  Sam must have planed it, he knew each spot he wanted to go to, it was very efficient and straight forward which made it really easy to ride then carry out your busy day.  He took one good fall which I left in the set, the trick is super technical/big/awesome and I hope he nails it on video soon. You can check the set HERE, and don’t worry because it’s short and sweet.

Farewell Baltimore Velo

Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 1.30.37 PM

I wanted to share this farewell from a good blog. Honestly it was the only Baltimore cycling blog I felt was worth frequently checking because it really widened the audience with information from all the blogs, like he pulled together key posts and made a one stop shop. As you know, BmoreFixed is not a political blog, we hardly follow the law anyway and we enjoy our freedom here in Baltimore that we aren’t getting tickets for not having bells on our bikes-100$ fine NEW YORK! We are merely entertainment and we struggle to do some cool things once in a while and Seth is right, it gets really really hard. I enjoyed his support of BmoreFixed and want to say thanks for being there to share my photos of Sam, Colin, Christina, Jeremiah-etc’s hard work. For people who may not have frequently checked BmoreFixed, they were able to catch a glimpse on Baltimore Velo. There is evidence of when we are posted on other blogs, the views on flickr show it. Pedal Consumption, Prolly, Lockedcog those guys tend to post once in a while but Seth was usually on it. It’s one of those things that makes you feel good at the end of the day like you did something productive that people get to see.

Seth, I understand how hard it is to run a blog by yourself, and here there really isn’t enough content. If you feel the need to blog about bikes, you are more than welcome to contribute here. We tend to get stale from time to time…

Ghetto Blaster Alleycat


May 25th, Starts at St. Mary’s park. I’m sure more details will pop up when it gets closer to the date but this will be a good one. Old school style alley cat thrown by bike messengers which is the way they should be!

Piss Puddle


I met up with Sam and Colin down under 83 where the farmer’s market is as Colin was tightening his crank, which is a normal sight.  We found a big puddle with a small island on it, Colin insisted they hit it with out touching the water.  This was before we realized it was a giant piss pool! It stunk! We did a lot of exploring today trying not to go to deep in to the hood of East Balt, so we dabbled. Some of the areas were super bland so we ended up staying near the Fells area-venturing up the back roads. After cutting through Patterson Park and finding a spot or 2, we shot up to Highlandtown and discussed going to Greektown to this warehouse spot. The warehouse spot is full of businesses but random ones. I know theres studio space and workshops in some of them, powercoating and carpet cleaning. Nobody there seemed to mind us so we carried on. Sam managed to slip and fall in some mud. After realizing he was covered in it thats when we called it a day.  Check the day HERE.