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Loose Nuts, Gnome, and Nater

Well look at that, it’s pretty awesome when stuff like this comes together. Our buddy Jeff from Gnome Bags recently moved his workshop to our friends Chris and Kareem’s bike shop Loose Nuts Cycles and our dude Nate did some hand painted signs for everyone involved. ATL is a hot spot for sure.

Gnome Stuff

Gnome Bags is a pretty new bag company out of Georgia. Even in the early stages of their operation’s existence they were kind enough to sponsor our Halloween race. I saw on their twitter that they have some new bags available and sale prices. Cool.

Another Bike Battle Edit

Remember Back on the 11th of October when a few of us headed down to Atlanta for the Loose Nuts Bike Battle? Cool, well here is another edit from then. Feel free to skip ahead to 0:13 to see my next level trick: “the Booty Skid”

Torey and Chris Visit Balto…

Chris from Loose Nuts Cycles, and Torey from Wrahw came to visit this weekend so we braved the wind and went to hit up the windiest spot in the city to shred. Check the set…

A Lil’ Bit of the Atlanta Bike Battle

Last weekend a few of us rented a van and made the trip down to Georgia for the Loose Nuts Atlanta Bike Battle. Chris put us all up and we had a great time. The layout for the competition was well designed for fixed gears so some big tricks went down. We rode a little […]