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Some Fresh Bishop Bikes

You can find these photos over at Bishop’s flickr account. I don’t know if all of them are up right now but Ben’s Columbus Road bike is. Heres a full shot of each bike, the rest will pop up soon I’m sure.  

Bishop Bikes- Tommy’s Road Bike

Here’s the other bike I said would pop up soon. Tommy’s pride and joy that he himself painted. You may have to see it in person to really appreciate it but I did my best to capture the paint. Check out the photos on Bishop’s Flickr HERE. Check out Tommy for all your bike painting […]

Bishop Columbus MS Road

I shot some flicks for a fresh from paint Bishop bike last week and man this thing is awesome. The client wanted a road version of the MS track we have seen so many times. Check out the details on Bishops Flickr..

Birthday Bike Check (by Sam)

Cofo: The Tangerine Dream

  Colin is holed up in frigid Vermont for the next week or so. Rather then just eating pretzles and apple crisp the whole time, he snagged some photos of the Tangerine Dream by the fire for his sponsors, buddies, and hook ups: Spike, Balhogs, Hold Fast, and Wrahw. Heres the roll: Frame/Fork: MKE Bruiser 26 […]

Jake’s P-Fix

Jake picked up a P-Fix on the internet and we put it together at Hold Fast the other day. It may not have the best components but the design is on point and there really isn’t a better complete fixed freestyle bike on the market.

Bike Check: Alley Dude

Sam, Danny and I were riding this alley downtown last week and this older dude stopped to watch us for a bit. Turns out he was rolling on this older S&M bmx. I cant remember really the specifics, but he mentioned it was one of S&Ms first frames, and he had the matching bars and […]

Rider Profile: Christina Panteliodis

Hey Christina, let’s get the basics out of the way: Where are you from and what are you doing in Baltimore? Originally I’m from New Hampshire but I’m finishing school in Baltimore When did you first get into FGT? Summer of 2009 when I was challenged to bar spin at the shop I worked at […]