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Some Fresh Bishop Bikes

You can find these photos over at Bishop’s flickr account. I don’t know if all of them are up right now but Ben’s Columbus Road bike is. Heres a full shot of each bike, the rest will pop up soon I’m sure.  

Bishop Bikes Rex Pista

Here’s the rest of the photos for the martini track bike. Check out all the customized campy parts those guys put a ton of work in to! Im late posting this up due to moving servers but I figured I should post the follow up anyway. Check the set HERE.

Bishop Bikes Sneak Peak

This Martini Racing painted track bike loaded with Campy parts is en route to Rex in China as I write this. I was able to get some shots of it for Chris as the paint job done entirely by hand at Fresh Frames took quite some time. When I first saw this bike I starred […]

Bishop Bikes – Frank’s Road Bike

Been a while, but I never put this set up. I shot another bike for Chris yesterday which I will put up shortly. Check the set HERE. 

Bishop Road Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak at a Bishop Road bike. Apparently this will be the clients second Bishop and he already put an order in for a third. More flicks coming later…

Bishop Bikes- Tommy’s Road Bike

Here’s the other bike I said would pop up soon. Tommy’s pride and joy that he himself painted. You may have to see it in person to really appreciate it but I did my best to capture the paint. Check out the photos on Bishop’s Flickr HERE. Check out Tommy for all your bike painting […]

Bishop Columbus MS Road

I shot some flicks for a fresh from paint Bishop bike last week and man this thing is awesome. The client wanted a road version of the MS track we have seen so many times. Check out the details on Bishops Flickr..

Bishop MS Road

Click the picture to check out Bishop’s photostream.

Tommy B

Most of you may know Tommy, or you have heard about him. It wasn’t that long ago when he was hit by a car pretty badly and I know there was info going around on the blogs. Tommy has been working with Chris Bishop for years and I’m not sure how long now but has […]

Chris Bishop: Workshop Visit

I recently went by Chris Bishop’s workshop¬†to take some pictures. I knew he was extremely busy and stressed getting everything together for NAHBS, but I also wanted to see his workshop during much productivity. A lot of his work for the bike show was still off at painters and powdercoaters (which is where most of […]