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Nature Kids

What a nice weekend. Even with the little bit of wind, it was still really nice. I managed to get a ton of stuff done and still somehow got out to ride 2 days and it feels great. Riding and commuting are entirely different btw.  I went and met up with those guys who cut […]

Table Top Danny

Danny and I went for a little cruise today after I worked on my  garden most of the day. He said he wanted to get some shots of this table top that wasn’t far down the street.  After we got there I wish I had packed my heavy zoom lens but I ended up using […]

Bike Check: Alley Dude

Sam, Danny and I were riding this alley downtown last week and this older dude stopped to watch us for a bit. Turns out he was rolling on this older S&M bmx. I cant remember really the specifics, but he mentioned it was one of S&Ms first frames, and he had the matching bars and […]

Ben Hittle’s Early 2011 Edit

Here’s a peek into what Ben has been doing in southern California. As a pegless rider myself his riding has been very influential and no one has turn downs and inverts clicked like he does.

Ben Hittle

Kink House welcome to 2011 from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo. Ben Hittle rocks it in this Kink edit! As a matter of fact, Ben has been shredding since he was a little kid with dread locks and I know this since we grew up minutes from each other. Ben comes out and rides the […]