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Sam Hanson Reflective Hold Fasts

Sam’s Hold Fast straps, I have been riding them for a little while now and I wanted to give them a little credit. They’re made from recycled material which is a plus but more importantly they ‘light’ up pretty awesome. I just ran out in the rain and snapped a few pics and that pic […]

Brian Dot Com

Brian dosen’t like to be left out so we make sure it’s known what he does best…

Pushin’ Buttons

We all knew it was going to be doo doo out, there’s no denying it. I also decided I want to take pictures of every person who kicks us out, then we thought I might get tasered or something. We rode around just playing in alleys not really doing anything besides throwing rocks, Sam even […]

BFF and the Brooklyn Banks ETC…

When we got to NY, Brian threw together his ‘Party Bus’ which consisted of Baltimore club music blasting through a stereo strapped to the front of a cooler filled with PBR, mounted on his front rack. We then headed over to session the Brooklyn Banks and the Financial District. We got a lot of footage […]

Bicycle Film Fest

We just got back from the Bicycle Film Fest in New York last night. Sam, Christina and myself rolled up Sunday morning and stayed with our friend Brian in Brooklyn. Brian and I went and caught the last showing of Empire. I still have to go through all the photos from the trip but heres […]


Tonight one of the OG 6 pack riders was back from NYC. People seriously thought our rides were going to fall apart back when Brian moved up there, so it was pretty awesome to have him back for a night. So I feel fresh and showered, mouth wash left my mouth MINTY fresh just as […]