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Piss Puddle

I met up with Sam and Colin down under 83 where the farmer’s market is as Colin was tightening his crank, which is a normal sight.  We found a big puddle with a small island on it, Colin insisted they hit it with out touching the water.  This was before we realized it was a […]

Poop Wall

First actual Murder Sessions in a LONG TIME, and it was satisfying! We didn’t have any real spots to hit some bangers at but Danny and I rode around a little bit and got a wall ride. Danny rode through some poop before hitting the wall ride and tracked poop on the wall hence the […]

Sweet Air

Would have gone out yesterday, but the weather sucked. Then today the weather again sucked, well just the wind. We managed to find a few pocket spots where the wind was minor, which may not have been good spots but we were able to hang until my hands froze. Wyatt came and skated and Hugo […]

Charlie Schoen’s Baltimore Trip

Charlie Schoen came down to Baltimore from Ohio a couple of weeks ago. We hit spots and hung out. He posted up a roll of film with shots from his trip. This one of Dan and Colin was my favorite. I wish I could have ridden with them more during the day on Saturday, but […]

Colin 4 Spike

One of the first days Colin was back after his broken hand incident, he snapped this photo with Keith. He sent it to spike as a thank you for the bars, sprocket, and bottom bracket. They put their logo on it and now you see it here, albeit a bit late in internet terms, but […]

Throwback Three

This one is from June 2010. Colin doing an X up and it might have been not long after Colin started to ride with us. We all have a lot of work to do in the up coming weeks so between trying to set stuff aside to post, I will pick out a few oldies. […]

BMFXD Druids Path

free flow from fall to winter, fall for free, flow to win.

Balhogs Wax

Colin and I have been hard at work researching paraffin, testing formulas, and making a huge mess getting the new Balhogs wax ready for launch. Well it’s now available and it’s good so check it out at the balhogs store here

Introducing: BALHOGS

So this is it, Colin and I have been hard at work this past Summer and Fall riding, filming, designing, prototyping, producing, and editing for Balhogs, our new fixed gear freestyle accessory company. We’ve Launched with one product, a down tube grip strip. It’s designed for coasting on your fixed gear by taking your feet […]

Cofo: The Tangerine Dream

  Colin is holed up in frigid Vermont for the next week or so. Rather then just eating pretzles and apple crisp the whole time, he snagged some photos of the Tangerine Dream by the fire for his sponsors, buddies, and hook ups: Spike, Balhogs, Hold Fast, and Wrahw. Heres the roll: Frame/Fork: MKE Bruiser 26 […]