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Bacon Be Breakin: Forks

Dan has continued to progress at an impressive rate and the latest casualty of this rapid progression is his hand-me-down All-City fork. He said it broke “just jumping a few stairs” Keep it up Dan Bacon.

Never Have I Ever…

Broken a bone… Steph’s famous words on the way to Milwaukee, where she just so happened to break her ankle in three spots on a quarter pipe in Cream City… Good luck with the surgery and heal up quick!


While Shane managed to destroy his bike in one fell swoop, I prefer to do so in smaller increments. In doing so I find myself whittling away at both my cache of available parts and my wallet. I’m no stranger to popping tubes whether it’s casing curb hops and getting a pinch, rolling through glass […]

Out with the old!

Sorry Shane, but all good things have endings. When you get back you are going to have to explain what the hell happened because you managed to crack your rim, break not only spokes but nipples, bend your fork enough for your tire to hit your downtube (otherwise your fork might have broken), you bent […]

FYI: Hollow Axles Blow

I don’t even feel like I was riding that hard; a few stair sets, a couple of pogos, a grind here and there, then I throw a keo-spin and lean back too far. I dropped the bike. I picked it up. Something’s wrong. Shit. Checked it out and it seemed I snapped the axle on […]