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Charlie Schoen’s Baltimore Trip

Charlie Schoen came down to Baltimore from Ohio a couple of weeks ago. We hit spots and hung out. He posted up a roll of film with shots from his trip. This one of Dan and Colin was my favorite. I wish I could have ridden with them more during the day on Saturday, but […]

Bacon Be Breakin: Frames

This past weekend was nice…ya know what? this whole winter has been pretty nice. It’s been really mild and we’ve gotten a lot of good riding in. Dan Bacon has been taking full advantage of this weather right along with the rest of us grinding, gapping, and  going hard. Yesterday while riding in PA he […]

BMFXD Druids Path

free flow from fall to winter, fall for free, flow to win.

Bacon Be Breakin: Forks

Dan has continued to progress at an impressive rate and the latest casualty of this rapid progression is his hand-me-down All-City fork. He said it broke “just jumping a few stairs” Keep it up Dan Bacon.

Bacon Construction Gap

Dan Bacon has been improving rapidly and it’s really exciting. Pretty soon he’s going to start stacking clips for an edit, but in the mean time here is a quick clip of him hitting a gap on the torn up part of Maryland ave.

Bacon Be Breakin: Bars

One session, that’s all it took for Dan to give his new bars the bends. Luckily for him it wasn’t a catastrophic failure, he got them for free at the fixt trix jam, and plenty of locals have replacements that will work for him.

Bacon Be Breakin: Pedals

If there is any indicator that one has been putting in real slammed saddle time on their fixed freestyle bike, it’s broken components. As frustrating and annoying as it can be, these growing pains are necessary as you get more difficult tricks under your belt. That is why I am pleased to start a new […]