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Downhill Danny

Danny has been wanting to hit Patapsco state park lately, since he goes pretty often for downhill. He also spends some time fishing there. We made it down there finally but since it has been raining so much, those trails hold a lot of water and it makes the ground soggy. The first jump he […]

Table Top Danny

Danny and I went for a little cruise today after I worked on my ¬†garden most of the day. He said he wanted to get some shots of this table top that wasn’t far down the street. ¬†After we got there I wish I had packed my heavy zoom lens but I ended up using […]

Poop Wall

First actual Murder Sessions in a LONG TIME, and it was satisfying! We didn’t have any real spots to hit some bangers at but Danny and I rode around a little bit and got a wall ride. Danny rode through some poop before hitting the wall ride and tracked poop on the wall hence the […]

Downhill Danny

Danny has been taking full advantage of our freakishly warm winter weather we’ve all enjoyed so far this year. Mountain biking seems really fun, but do you have to push those bikes to the top of the hill first?

YO, Sam Got UPS!

I went down to HFHQ to meet up with Sam and whoever else was gonna be there since we were talking about some project you might start to notice in the background of some of my pictures. Sam and Danny (who rode his BMX for the first time since his fall) wanted to go hit […]

The Aftermath

Some friends came over to Q (bbq) and drink a few beers. Danny was one of them so I snapped a quick pic. His elbows and knee are all jacked up but that was before his last fall so we didn’t show them. He said he will probably join us this sunday but on his […]

Danny’s Spill

I don’t normally do sequence shots, and this wasn’t supposed to be a sequence which is why I don’t have the approach. I basically was firing off 2-4 shots of him on the rail, then if he fell I would keep firing. This was one of those instances and when the video shows up you […]

Washington D.C.

First I want to say BIG thanks to Nick Barkley for hosting us around the city yesterday, we all had a lot of fun. Nick runs a skate shop called Palace 5ive and invited us to help with the D.C. Bicycle Film Fest this year, so we took the murder sessions to D.C. to hang […]

Bike Spike

Xtina RARELY gets flats, I think Sam gets enough flats for the entire city anyway. At one of these boarder line ghetto spots Xtina got bike spiked making this the second time I’ve seen her patch a tube. Photos HERE.

Mobile-Vision: 003 Danny’s Wall Ride

Danny did this trick to show off for a photographer with a terrible business card or a girl smoking a cigarette or something.