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Ghetto Blaster 2014

The triple crown has come to town once again and for those that did the race may have gone between 40 and 50 miles. The check points were so far apart I could only ride to one and I think I picked the best one. There will be a video coming out of all 3 […]

Monument to Monument Ride

Taken right from the Rando Ramble “• The Ride: a 92 mile roundtrip single day bike ride from Baltimore to Washington, DC • Date/Time: Sunday, May 5th, 2013. Meet Up at 7:45AM. Push Off at 8:10AM (prompt) • Start: Baltimore Washington Monument • Cue Sheets/Map/GPS: (coming soon) • Costs: None. Bring cash for lunch and snacks. We will […]

Bike Maryland RecRide

Bike Maryland asked nicely to spread the word and I don’t see any reason not to. Here’s the deal; Sunday, May 19th, 2013, 8:00 AM Bike Maryland invites you to be a part of the May 19th RecRide/ BikeJam events in Patterson Park. The RecRide is a premier Baltimore recreational bicycle tour with a choice […]

BmoreFixed Koozies

I think these may come in handy in the up coming future, as well as 6 pack rides and what not…

Halloween Alleycat from Baltimore Velo

Seth and Liam announced a Halloween race, and I’m here to pass it on. Everyone has been asking about a race and honestly we considered it knowing last year would be hard to top, so I’m glad/relieved someone stepped up to the plate. Baltimore Velo has the details and an Events page (playing some midi of […]

BFF 2011 New York

So here we are, back from the Film Fest and ready to get back to reality. So far only the negative has been posted and while there was actually more negative that happened, none of it really matters because the rest of it was great and theres pictures to prove it. After the knife incident, […]

So Long Baltimore…

While all of us have gone to NYC for the Bicycle Film Fest to shred and have fun, you can still count on fun stuff happening in Baltimore on Friday the 24th. First off you have the Critical Mass, followed by Royal Sprints at Sticky Rice in Fells Point. Someone take some fun photos of […]

2011 Bicycle Film Fest

The Bicycle Film Festival will be coming up before you know it and if you can make it to NYC for it then DO IT, it’s a blast! If not, thats cool too because not long after NYC will be BFF Washington DC and we will all be there making it as awesome as you […]

Royal Sprints at Sticky Rice

Royal Sprints are back on the 14th at Sticky Rice in Fells Point, where Friends used to be. Get your butts in shape and go race!

Shop Gentei is Closing

(photo from 10-10-10 alleycat/block party) If you know Shop Gentei then you  know they were big on the bike scene for years. Oliver is responsible for bringing lots of really nice NJS frames and parts from Japan, including my Bridgestone, Tony’s orange Presto and many other sweet ass bikes I won’t sit here and name, […]