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BFF DC Fix Trix Jam Photos

Here we are, I finally finished them and it’s only been what 4 days? It feels like it’s been a few weeks but today is the only day I’ve had time to go through almost 600 photos. I really don’t feel like saying much since I been sitting here editing photos for the past million […]

Antimo’s Sorry, Baltimore Fixt Trix Jam Edit

Antimo’s web videos precede him, and after meeting him for the first time this past weekend it was obvious that he is just as nice as his video production. He does a great job of capturing the tournament, and following session, as well as some of the music video being shot in the middle of […]

BBG KC MO 36 Styles of Danger

All the way from Kansas City Missouri, that’s almost a 24 hour drive that the BBG crew took to come to Baltimore for the weekend. They we’re real nice dudes and great house guests. Oh yeah and they tore it up on their bikes. I really like how even at different skill levels, they all […]

M.V. Jantzen’s Trix Jam Photos

Jantzen was at the Trix Jam all day and he got a bunch of shots spread throughout his flickr stream go check them out here.

The Wide Load

WELL, we’re back to normal here at Bmore Fixed. The Fixt Trix Jam went really well on Saturday with good vibes, good riding, and good people, not to mention a music video being filmed in the middle of the skate park. Before we get to posting the multitude of photos and videos that pop up, […]

Final Build Day

Done, packed, and ready to roll. After a 10 hour build day I’m beat, but we’ll be up early tomorrow setting up at 2nd and H street South East in DC, so swing by any time. Don’t forget to check out the Facebook gallery with the rest of today’s build photos.

Build Day 3

Back at it up north. Day three brought about the completion of framing the four main boxes that comprise the master box. We also cut all the plywood panels that we will attach at the Fixt Trix Jam on Saturday. It wasn’t all smooth sailing though, one of our chargers bit the dust. Luckily a […]

Build Day 2

Well after work at Hold Fast yesterday, we went back to work on the Fixt Trix Jam box. The more this thing comes together the bigger it seems, and yesterday it came together really well. We skinned the two hubba’s with nice 3/4″ plywood and started framing out the funbox and rail. Check out a […]

Build Day 1

Yesterday we began construction on our box for the Fixt Trix Jam, and were very fortunate to have access to an amazing wood shop owned by Hold Fast Jeremiah’s father. The box has been split in to 4 sections: two hubbas a wedge and a box. We completed framing the hubbas and the wedge on […]

Underway: Fixt Trix Jam Box

Wood has been purchased and construction begins today on probably the coolest ramp ever conceptualized for fixed tricks.  Grind heights for all size bikes were taken in to account as well as lengths for half and full cranks.  We’ll be documenting the progress as this thing comes together in Northern Baltimore County. Get excited for […]