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Hold Fast Cell Holder

Another awesome inexpensive product from Hold Fast, made right here in Baltimore! A cool thing about holdfast is when a concept is thought up, many things are taken in to consideration and there is a big military influence on certain products. Why would that be important? Well military grade items are made to withstand many […]

New Hold Fast Goodies

Hold Fast pouches in store for not very much! Great way to support local made in USA (or made in Baltimore) products without breaking the bank! One is a lightweight tool bag and the other is a small pouch to put in your bag.

Hold Fast Tool Bag

Hold Fast put out a tool bag which is awesome to see them breaking out in to the accessories for cyclists. I have not seen this in person yet but I’m sure I will get my hands on it soon. Jeremiah only designs things of high quality and he has used something similar to this […]

Skatepark Jam Session

This weekend the guys will be in Toronto shredding with rad people, and it’ll be another murder session we miss. Today was perfect to meet at the skate park and just get some flicks there. Everyone is riding the new holdfast frames and I thought this would be a good way to show them off, […]

Hold Fast O.X. Frame Series

Hold Fast just launched their O.X. Frame Series and they turned out amazing! Jeremiah, Christina, Colin, and myself all rode the prototypes and gave our inputs towards the final design, so in the way there is a bit of bmore fixed in this bike. Check out all the details here!

Birthday Bike Check (by Sam)

Cofo: The Tangerine Dream

  Colin is holed up in frigid Vermont for the next week or so. Rather then just eating pretzles and apple crisp the whole time, he snagged some photos of the Tangerine Dream by the fire for his┬ásponsors, buddies, and hook ups: Spike, Balhogs, Hold Fast, and Wrahw. Heres the roll: Frame/Fork: MKE Bruiser 26 […]

Sam Hanson Reflective Hold Fasts

Sam’s Hold Fast straps, I have been riding them for a little while now and I wanted to give them a little credit. They’re made from recycled material which is a plus but more importantly they ‘light’ up pretty awesome. I just ran out in the rain and snapped a few pics and that pic […]

Sam’s Custom Reflective Hold Fasts

Here they are, my custom Hold Fast straps. Hand made in Baltimore from reclaimed and reflective vinyl. These straps represent a balance similar to my style of riding. Being comprised of multiple reinforced layers, they are strong and able to withstand the rigors of my tricks and abuse. With the reflective and water resistant material, […]

Christina’s Custom Hold Fasts

Yeah, that’s our girl Christina pulling off a sick wall-ride in an ad for her very own custom Hold Fast straps. They’re available now exclusively on the Hold Fast web site here. Congrats Christina! Keep pushing it! Props to Keith for the photo too!