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Build Day 3

Back at it up north. Day three brought about the completion of framing the four main boxes that comprise the master box. We also cut all the plywood panels that we will attach at the Fixt Trix Jam on Saturday. It wasn’t all smooth sailing though, one of our chargers bit the dust. Luckily a […]

Build Day 2

Well after work at Hold Fast yesterday, we went back to work on the Fixt Trix Jam box. The more this thing comes together the bigger it seems, and yesterday it came together really well. We skinned the two hubba’s with nice 3/4″ plywood and started framing out the funbox and rail. Check out a […]

get me GUCCHI on the phone

Colin just picked up a new camera. It’s some panasonic SD jam with a baby death. It’s real slick. To celebrate, we went to the sk8 park after work. Hampden alllll day.

the Courier Cross in DC

(photo by Franz) Last Sunday while Keith was woodsing it up in the woods of West Virginia we(Jeremiah, Colin, Torey, and I) took a mini road trip to wild DC for Sean‘s Courier Cross alley cat…..


Jeremiah Jones moved down this way from Brooklyn around a year ago with him he brought his company Hold Fast. Since then he has become such a boon to the Baltimore cycling community by sponsoring local events and employing local riders (including me 😉 thanks btw) Plus he kills it on his Fixed and has […]