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Hampden Sam

I didn’t really know what was happening for today, but I can say thank you Sam for being awesome. Sam hit me up lastnight and said he was going fishing and we could possibly ride early. I went along with it and we met up close to 1030 and spent a little over an hour […]

Colin 4 Spike

One of the first days Colin was back after his broken hand incident, he snapped this photo with Keith. He sent it to spike as a thank you for the bars, sprocket, and bottom bracket. They put their logo on it and now you see it here, albeit a bit late in internet terms, but […]

Christina in Coven

Open publication – Free publishing – More action sports Christina’s interview in Coven Magazine is available free online now! Check it out.

Christina’s Custom Hold Fasts

Yeah, that’s our girl Christina pulling off a sick wall-ride in an ad for her very own custom Hold Fast straps. They’re available now exclusively on the Hold Fast web site here. Congrats Christina! Keep pushing it! Props to Keith for the photo too!

Mobile-Vision 011: Kool Keith’s Knife

I’m sure a lot of you know about the ny cyclist crack-down. Well apparently it applies to knives you’re legally allowed to carry peeking out your pocket too. Sorry duder.

2010 a Year in Sets

End of the year retrospective: 2010. First off: Big ups to Keith Teket. for getting on Prolly’s top 10 fixed gear photographers list for 2010. Keith has been putting in work all year in the freezing cold, the dreary rain, and the scorching heat producing 50 flickr sets each an improvement upon the one before […]

Happy Birthday Keith!

Happy Birthday Keith! I don’t know how old you are, but not old enough so keep on aging and doing your thing. (photo by Mark Sanchez)

In with the new…

So after 7 months, its finally finished, and just in time for Shane to need a new bike. Hey Shane, wanna buy it?  (click for more pics)