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Mobile-Vision 013: Worldwide

All the way from London England, Oscar Kahn was in town for the weekend catching clips and hanging out. I’ll make sure to post the edits when they pop up.

Mobile-Vision 012: Concrete –> Grass

Well we didn’t really ride at this spot too often but now if we want to it’s going to be a little harder.

Mobile-Vision 011: Kool Keith’s Knife

I’m sure a lot of you know about the ny cyclist crack-down. Well apparently it applies to knives you’re legally allowed to carry peeking out your pocket too. Sorry duder.

Mobile-Vision 010: Back in a Bit #MWM2

I’m currently sitting at Hold Fast HQ waiting for Jeremiah, Rob, Christina, Colin, Tom, and Torey to get here so we can start our road trip to Milwaukee for the second Mid-West Mayhem fixed gear trick competition. Last year we rolled deep and this year we have more cars, more people more bikes and more […]

Mobile-Vision 009: Lincoln Log Spot

Found this wacky spot on Madison near druid lake. There’s rails, manny pads, and elevation changes. Cool.

Mobile-Vision 008: Probably the Sickest….

We rode after dark last night and had to film some lines so….

Mobile-Vision 007: Charles Village Spot Searchin’

Sometimes You just gotta roll around aimlessly where you think there might be ideal riding spots and hope for the best. I lucked out tonight in Charles Village when I stumbled upon this spot.  It’s about two and a half feet tall with a curb on top and just over a bikes length long. The […]

Mobile-Vision 006: Christina’s Marino

Christina just recently got her custom frame from Marino. Stay tuned for a full bike check.

Mobile-Vision 005: A Hint of DC

Yesterday we took two cars and 7 people down to DC, Keith got a bunch of pictures so this one shot is just a taste.

Mobile-Vision: 004 RIP Animal Park

Damn.  Just the other day I was talking about spending a day waxing all the ledges but alas, our beloved “Animal Park” spot was recently torn down. Hopefully it’s being replaced with something ride-able.