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Colin 4 Spike

One of the first days Colin was back after his broken hand incident, he snapped this photo with Keith. He sent it to spike as a thank you for the bars, sprocket, and bottom bracket. They put their logo on it and now you see it here, albeit a bit late in internet terms, but […]

Birthday Bike Check (by Sam)

BMFXD: Clip Life

Haven’t seen much video from us lately? Well it’s not because we haven’t been filming, in fact we’ve been collecting clips from as far back as the beginning of summer for a big project Colin and I have been working on. We have more clips then we can use for just one edit so once […]

Jake’s P-Fix

Jake picked up a P-Fix on the internet and we put it together at Hold Fast the other day. It may not have the best components but the design is on point and there really isn’t a better complete fixed freestyle bike on the market.

Bacon Be Breakin: Bars

One session, that’s all it took for Dan to give his new bars the bends. Luckily for him it wasn’t a catastrophic failure, he got them for free at the fixt trix jam, and plenty of locals have replacements that will work for him.

The Other…

Heres the other picture for the previous post, which was Nate doing a nose manual. This one is Mitch doing a manual…