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AlleyKeith 1

Saturday night the first alley cat of the year took off from the tower at Druid Hill Park.  For as windy as it was, it was a good turn out and I rode up there to get some flicks at the start, and at the after party. I toyed around with some of the photos […]

Hampden Sam

I didn’t really know what was happening for today, but I can say thank you Sam for being awesome. Sam hit me up lastnight and said he was going fishing and we could possibly ride early. I went along with it and we met up close to 1030 and spent a little over an hour […]

Piss Puddle

I met up with Sam and Colin down under 83 where the farmer’s market is as Colin was tightening his crank, which is a normal sight.  We found a big puddle with a small island on it, Colin insisted they hit it with out touching the water.  This was before we realized it was a […]

Throwback 6

Everyone has been busy lately and it gets hard getting some shots sometimes. With the weather finally breaking a little bit I am trying to get out more and sometimes it just conflicts with other things. This weekend I am pushing to get out with some people but if I can’t get the bikes out […]

Superbowl Sunday, Ravens!!

With the Ravens in the superbowl, Baltimore is getting ready to get wild as the city is normally much quieter on Sundays. We were supposed to get out early this afternoon but with snow still on the ground in some areas, we were a little lazy. Finally, with only a  little bit of daylight left, […]

Throwback RVA

Heres an old throw back from when we went to Richmond one rainy Sunday in the winter 2009. I remember driving down there in awful weather with Shane while the rest of them stayed the night. It was for the Revival premier when that came out and I had to get back to Baltimore so […]

Cider Alley

I met up with Christina and Sam today at the skate park, and while you can only do so much at the skate park we had to get out while we still had daylight. Sam was unable to head out with us so it was a few spots of Christina one on one with some […]

Poop Wall

First actual Murder Sessions in a LONG TIME, and it was satisfying! We didn’t have any real spots to hit some bangers at but Danny and I rode around a little bit and got a wall ride. Danny rode through some poop before hitting the wall ride and tracked poop on the wall hence the […]

Sweet Air

Would have gone out yesterday, but the weather sucked. Then today the weather again sucked, well just the wind. We managed to find a few pocket spots where the wind was minor, which may not have been good spots but we were able to hang until my hands froze. Wyatt came and skated and Hugo […]

Sam Shreds

I know its been a while! I went riding with Jeremiah and Sam yesterday and got a couple flicks. Here is Sam destroying a box in Waverly which was our first stop. I will add a couple more flicks when I get the time this week!