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Screen Dream: Dj HashTag Spins the Tweets

Well well well, we all know one could follow @BmoreFixed via the virtual crumb trail that is twitter. Now it seems the Bmore Fixed extended family be squawkin too. Charm City’s fixed gear futurist can be found at @colinfost3r. The sk8 homey is at @cameron_wray. The man behind they lens, and shutter, and aperture or […]

Screen Dream: Deja Vu Doo

From belly aches to dark mistakes, distant eyes to friendly guys. A dream one night a terrible sight that Cameron broke his board.

Screen Dream: The East Coast Connection

As a fever induced haze washed over me I stumbled between the conscious world and the world behind our eyelids. Images began flashing: Bmore Fixed extending to New York as Colin adapts to the terrain. Sam holds strong in Baltimore with Connecticut friends jumping and hopping frequently.  Oh So Frequently…

Screen Dream: Duo Daze

As I drift away to the land of nod a vision so clear passed in front of my eyes. A vision of two gentlemen with complimentary bicycle riding styles performing stunts in front of a camera. I watched as they hopped over obstacles and noticed something rather peculiar. That they fall… a lot.

Screen Dream: Spring Begins

It started as I dozed off in a very special tree hidden somewhere in Baltimore. First I was at that same tree and Harry dropped in on his skateboard…..woah. Then I was back in DC threading the needle from a root bump jump….wowza. After that I was at the skate park in Hampden and Christina […]