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Six Pack Ride

Escape the heat by drinking beer in various places throughout the city via your bike. Charles St and Read St at 930pm. 10pm at Velocipede. EVERY Wednesday.

Six Pack Ride Tonight

Just like every Wednesday at 9:30 pm, Read st and Charles st in Mt. Vernon. Above photo from Marshall Adams during a 6pack ride a few weeks ago, see you all there!

Six Pack Ride

It’s nice out and the rides are fun so if you haven’t been riding you should come out…

Gnome Bags: Toolroll

This arrived at HoldFast yesterday which couldn’t have been better timing for me. Jeff at Gnome Bags based this off of what tools I normally carry so I could transfer my tools between my messenger bag and my camera bag. Last night I went out riding with my camera bag and until yesterday I’d have […]

Ride for Nathan

This Wednesday,the 9th there will be a ride for Nathan Kransnopoler who was hit a few weeks back. Ride starts at 530pm at the crash site on University and 39th (ish) in front of the Broadview apt building. More info HERE. Later on will be the 6pack ride at 10. Read and Charles.

Six Pack Rides

I highly suggest buying a pair of long johns if you don’t already have them. Everyone agreed last week that we all wanted to go well on through the winter, AS WELL AS THE CRITICAL MASSES. Six Pack Rides have never been seasonal so why start now? The only thing we did plan on doing […]

Just a Reminder…

Sorry about the ancient flier, but all the info is there. The Six Pack ride is the ride in which everyone meets at Charles street and Read street at (kinda) 10 pm on Wednesday Nights. Some people bring beer or whatever, and then everyone rides to a spot and drinks some beer/chit chats then rides […]

Wednesday Night Six Pack Rides

It rained and we still had some 15 people from the start, maybe less. Brian was in town from NY and I didn’t get a good picture of him, apparently he was moving to much in my long exposures. He was hardcore pushin’ these rides back when they first started and it was cool to […]

Tonights Six Pack Ride

…Was really fun. My favorite part was at least 2 people said “yeah I just got this bike and been trying to ride it.” Nobody is really trying to pace these rides but everyone should know where we’re headed. The start of these rides a few years back was to NOT leave anyone behind since […]

Another Wednesday 6-Pack Ride

It was small, there must have been some 200 people I heard rode on a memorial ride right before we all met for the 6pack ride. I don’t know how I am the last to hear about these memorial rides but they always go right over my head. Apparently this guy died from cancer but […]