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Cider Alley

I met up with Christina and Sam today at the skate park, and while you can only do so much at the skate park we had to get out while we still had daylight. Sam was unable to head out with us so it was a few spots of Christina one on one with some […]

Christina on Itchy

Itchy is a site about girls on fixed gear bikes, and Christina was recently featured.  I posted one of the photos of her bailing, and this bio has a few of the rest.

Sweet Air

Would have gone out yesterday, but the weather sucked. Then today the weather again sucked, well just the wind. We managed to find a few pocket spots where the wind was minor, which may not have been good spots but we were able to hang until my hands froze. Wyatt came and skated and Hugo […]


More pending, but here she is bailing…

Christina’s Skatepark Jam Session

Since the guys are out of town, and Christina wasn’t shredding the park when I was there, we figured we could go grab a few shots before I headed out for Mother’s Day events. The park was pretty empty which was awesome and made it all the easier, and since Christina hits up the park […]

Skatepark Jam Session

This weekend the guys will be in Toronto shredding with rad people, and it’ll be another murder session we miss. Today was perfect to meet at the skate park and just get some flicks there. Everyone is riding the new holdfast frames and I thought this would be a good way to show them off, […]

Throwbacks 2

Here’s another throwback, of Mitch. Mitch should comment on this, it’s been a while.

Skatepark of Baltimore Meeting

Don’t miss the latest Skatepark of Baltimore’s latest community meeting next week on Wednesday the 24th. They’re going to unveil the final design of the concrete park to be built in Rooselvelt Park in Hampden as well as discuss fundraising. Go out and support real grassroots stuff like this.

BFF DC Fix Trix Jam Photos

Here we are, I finally finished them and it’s only been what 4 days? It feels like it’s been a few weeks but today is the only day I’ve had time to go through almost 600 photos. I really don’t feel like saying much since I been sitting here editing photos for the past million […]

Mike n’ Sams

It’s cool when out-of-towners come ride spots that we frequent, they add a different flare. Yesterday and today were awesome, a little out of town inspiration always helps. Mike’s friend Dan took us to this curved ledge boarder line in the hood that we need to get to in daylight. We did manage to get […]