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Farewell Baltimore Velo

I wanted to share this farewell from a good blog. Honestly it was the only Baltimore cycling blog I felt was worth frequently checking because it really widened the audience with information from all the blogs, like he pulled together key posts and made a one stop shop. As you know, BmoreFixed is not a […]

Crankmania Zine Release Party

Last night was a kick off party for a new local zine and issue #1 was released. I really don’t have any links to post with it because, well it’s a zine and you just have to know about it. If you don’t know about it, now you do so keep your eyes opened. Carrie […]

The Aftermath

Some friends came over to Q (bbq) and drink a few beers. Danny was one of them so I snapped a quick pic. His elbows and knee are all jacked up but that was before his last fall so we didn’t show them. He said he will probably join us this sunday but on his […]

The Rocket to Venus Scavenger Hunt

According to their website, this scavenger hunt was supposed to be last week on the 19th. It was not. It was the 26th. Besides the little blurb with the wrong date on the internet, a little flier at baltimore bicycle works and word of mouth were the only announcers spreading the news about this race. […]

XSivley tight chains…

I met Shane after a very slow night at work last night. We tightened up our chains and headed to Brewer’s Art to say hey to Keith and Matt, it was mad crowded so after a resurrection we rolled down to the aloha bar. We walked into some awful karaoke, and had a couple to […]

John Hopkins one night

Keith, Shane and I got sushi this past Tuesday in Charles Village, it was good food, good company, good fun. After we finished eating we rolled around the corner to the John Hopkin’s campus. I got to really give my new fork a run through hopping gaps and some solid endo’s, so far it’s held […]


Tonight one of the OG 6 pack riders was back from NYC. People seriously thought our rides were going to fall apart back when Brian moved up there, so it was pretty awesome to have him back for a night. So I feel fresh and showered, mouth wash left my mouth MINTY fresh just as […]

I’m better off working fridays…

So the first thing I wanna point out…Im naked. I just peeled off all my sweaty clothes after getting back home from another exciting baltimore bike ride, and thinking back I imagine things could have been ten times worse and more exciting to write about. I could have either been locked up in central bookings […]


While this is still fresh, I need to write about it. I don’t know why, I don’t even like writing but I need to give this a shot, because in my head it sounds like a good story. I should start this by introducing what it is that goes on on wednesday nights, for the […]