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Throwback 6

Everyone has been busy lately and it gets hard getting some shots sometimes. With the weather finally breaking a little bit I am trying to get out more and sometimes it just conflicts with other things. This weekend I am pushing to get out with some people but if I can’t get the bikes out […]

Throwback 5

Here’s a throwback from December 2009, the glory days of not knowing what we were doing except hanging out and having a good time. I apologize for the lack of updates lately but the guys were out of town one weekend and I had to shoot a wedding last weekend. We have plans to make […]

Throwback RVA

Heres an old throw back from when we went to Richmond one rainy Sunday in the winter 2009. I remember driving down there in awful weather with Shane while the rest of them stayed the night. It was for the Revival premier when that came out and I had to get back to Baltimore so […]


I just had this random idea to post up an old picture that I prob never posted. I took this before the blog idea even came up I think, 10-25-09. I will start pulling these out of the archives on the regular and I will try to post ones that never made it to sets. […]