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Bishop Bikes Rex Pista

Here’s the rest of the photos for the martini track bike. Check out all the customized campy parts those guys put a ton of work in to! Im late posting this up due to moving servers but I figured I should post the follow up anyway. Check the set HERE.

Bishop Bikes Sneak Peak

This Martini Racing painted track bike loaded with Campy parts is en route to Rex in China as I write this. I was able to get some shots of it for Chris as the paint job done entirely by hand at Fresh Frames took quite some time. When I first saw this bike I starred […]

Bridges Alley Cat

This past weekend was an alleycat race I wish I could have gone to. Sometimes you choose between staying in the city and going to your land deep in West Virginia and firing your ATV up for the first time this year. It was a much needed get away and I can’t wait to go […]

City Lite

I came across these CityLite lights the other day and thought they were interesting. I have no idea of their quality or functionality but they look interesting and they could be good. I have yet to find a convenient front light thats not bulky or has a mount so I look at these as something […]

Tommy B

Most of you may know Tommy, or you have heard about him. It wasn’t that long ago when he was hit by a car pretty badly and I know there was info going around on the blogs. Tommy has been working with Chris Bishop for years and I’m not sure how long now but has […]

BmoreFixed Koozies

I think these may come in handy in the up coming future, as well as 6 pack rides and what not…

Tony’s Presto

Tony is selling his Presto, and I’m really really really mad at him for it but I understand. The craigslist post is here and I can tell you some of the parts on it are pretty rare, we can even tell you who built the wheels quite a while back. I posted a flick that […]

Red, Silver, & Blue

In Baltimore you have to show the gangs that you’re neutral, so I rock red AND blue. Well I’m kidding because I wore that red bandana for an entire week about a year ago at the Outer Banks and when I got home I hopped on my Bstone; so I just tied it around the […]

Washington D.C.

First I want to say BIG thanks to Nick Barkley for hosting us around the city yesterday, we all had a lot of fun. Nick runs a skate shop called Palace 5ive and invited us to help with the D.C. Bicycle Film Fest this year, so we took the murder sessions to D.C. to hang […]

Fun Guy

Today was truly a fun day. We hit some old spots, and some new; but before I go on, and it’s obvious in this set that Sam needs a clothing hook up. Somebody send that boy some damn shirts! Ok, with that said I can tell you that we got booted from the first spot […]