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Downhill Danny

Danny has been wanting to hit Patapsco state park lately, since he goes pretty often for downhill. He also spends some time fishing there. We made it down there finally but since it has been raining so much, those trails hold a lot of water and it makes the ground soggy. The first jump he […]

Piss Puddle

I met up with Sam and Colin down under 83 where the farmer’s market is as Colin was tightening his crank, which is a normal sight.  We found a big puddle with a small island on it, Colin insisted they hit it with out touching the water.  This was before we realized it was a […]

Nature Kids

What a nice weekend. Even with the little bit of wind, it was still really nice. I managed to get a ton of stuff done and still somehow got out to ride 2 days and it feels great. Riding and commuting are entirely different btw.  I went and met up with those guys who cut […]

Table Top Danny

Danny and I went for a little cruise today after I worked on my  garden most of the day. He said he wanted to get some shots of this table top that wasn’t far down the street.  After we got there I wish I had packed my heavy zoom lens but I ended up using […]

Throwback 6

Everyone has been busy lately and it gets hard getting some shots sometimes. With the weather finally breaking a little bit I am trying to get out more and sometimes it just conflicts with other things. This weekend I am pushing to get out with some people but if I can’t get the bikes out […]

Twisted Metal

A couple weeks ago BGE imploded an old gas reservoir tower near cold spring and 83. You can watch the video HERE or search around for more info. We started our day at the Mosher banks where Colin got like 3 flats, and Sam surprisingly only 1 at this point. The banks got crowded and […]

Throwback 5

Here’s a throwback from December 2009, the glory days of not knowing what we were doing except hanging out and having a good time. I apologize for the lack of updates lately but the guys were out of town one weekend and I had to shoot a wedding last weekend. We have plans to make […]

Xtina Shreds Ledges

christina – fixed gear- grindz from christina on Vimeo. Christina’s been working on this lately in between working so much. She typically rides in the morning before work and occasionally gets out to the other skate parks with some other BMXers from time to time. Hopefully while the boys are away being robots, we can […]

Superbowl Sunday, Ravens!!

With the Ravens in the superbowl, Baltimore is getting ready to get wild as the city is normally much quieter on Sundays. We were supposed to get out early this afternoon but with snow still on the ground in some areas, we were a little lazy. Finally, with only a  little bit of daylight left, […]

Throwback RVA

Heres an old throw back from when we went to Richmond one rainy Sunday in the winter 2009. I remember driving down there in awful weather with Shane while the rest of them stayed the night. It was for the Revival premier when that came out and I had to get back to Baltimore so […]