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Superbowl Sunday, Ravens!!

With the Ravens in the superbowl, Baltimore is getting ready to get wild as the city is normally much quieter on Sundays. We were supposed to get out early this afternoon but with snow still on the ground in some areas, we were a little lazy. Finally, with only a  little bit of daylight left, […]

Crankmania Zine Release Party

Last night was a kick off party for a new local zine and issue #1 was released. I really don’t have any links to post with it because, well it’s a zine and you just have to know about it. If you don’t know about it, now you do so keep your eyes opened. Carrie […]

The Return…

So we rode around for a while looking for some spots to ride but there is still over a foot of snow in most parking lots and parks. We had no choice but to go ride the pallets again so I put up a few shots of it. (click for the set)

Valentines Day!

Our usual lot was still covered in snow, Baltimore City schools are still closed after over a week. We hit up a lot in Mt. Vernon, grabbed some pallets from the alley and put the snow banks to good use… (click for the set)

As Tall As My Bike!

I had to shovel a walkway to take out trash. I also had to oil my chain. The untouched snow in my backyard is past my top tube on my 57cm frame. I was born in record breaking snow, and here we are again in record breaking snow. Happy birthday to me!

I Guess it did Snow!

It’ll be a while before I can ride anywhere, my poor bikes just sitting! We should have over 3 feet by the end of the night…

Did it Snow?

I had to ride to work on friday, before the snow hit hard. Chris picked me up which ruled. This wasn’t even the half way point…